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WSQ Product Advisory (Beauty Products)

  • This course covers the skills and knowledge to offer their best advice on which products or services would be most beneficial to the customers effectively to help them make their purchasing decisions. 

WSQ Quality Customer Service Excellence

  • To equip oneself with the mindset to go the extra mile in providing excellent service involves creating a positive customer experience and escalating areas of improvement that may enhance the customers’ experience.  

    This course empowers individuals to provide excellent service and actively contribute to creating positive and memorable customer experiences. Participants will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in service-driven environments by proactively identifying areas for improvement and implementing strategies to elevate the overall customer experience. 


WSQ Sales Closure (Beauty Product)

  • This course covers the skills and knowledge to determine customers' behaviours and buying motivations and perform closing and processing sales.  

    Whether you're a seasoned sales professional or just starting your journey in sales, this course provides the knowledge and tools to perform, execute, and complete sales transactions seamlessly. 


WSQ Workplace Communication and Engagement

  • This course will teach learners the necessary skills to communicate effectively at work. Whether interacting within your team or engaging with clients, this program focuses on equipping participants with the essential skills to navigate diverse workplace scenarios with confidence and tact. 

    By enrolling in this course, you will gain the expertise needed to excel in workplace communication, contributing to a positive and productive professional environment. Whether you communicate internally with your team or externally with clients, this program provides the tools to navigate diverse communication scenarios successfully. Elevate your communication proficiency and enhance your professional impact today. 

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