Student Support Service

List of Thorough Services Available at Toni International College:

For all new students:

The School will provide the following services to ensure that students make a smooth transition to Singapore : –

  • Accommodation Support Service
  • Visa / Student Pass Application
  • Student Orientation Programme
  • Assistance to students facing difficulties adapting to the new environment

For all current & enrolled students:
The School aims to provide all students with an academic education of the highest standards through the provision of these services:

  • Counsellor
  • Conducive and friendly environment for learning
  • Provision of counseling on career opportunities
  • Advice on programs and post-graduation opportunities
  • Participation in community and environmental programs

For enhancing overall student experience:

In ensuring that the School provides for an exceptional student experience, it undertakes to provide the following services:

  • Student Evaluation Surveys
  • Feedback and complaint forms
  • Dispute resolution process
  • Student Academic Intervention

This detailed list of student support services is not exhaustive. The school is committed to continually enhancing the welfare and needs of all students through ongoing school-student engagements at various touchpoints listed here.

Students are always encouraged to voluntarily participate in community projects organized by Toni International College. These projects typically involve our staff or students providing hairdressing services to the needy or at specific events, such as Community Service Day. Additionally, Toni International College occasionally organizes external events in collaboration with other beauty industry organizations (e.g., EX Style) and external parties. These events offer students the opportunity to learn in different environments outside the school premises, interact with real customers, and apply their skills to meet the diverse needs of the community. This experience also prepares them for service and helps them adapt to working with actual customers.


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