Frequently Asked Questions

General Course Enquiry

Yes, we offer customised and on-site training for selected courses. Please send your requirements to [email protected], and we will get back to you shortly.

Course Enrolment

You may WhatsApp us to enrol or enquire at about the courses

Yes, you will be able to choose the course date, but is subject to availability based on the schedule that we have so far. 

Our admin team will reach out to inform you if there’s new classes that is open.

Yes, you can log in to the system with the assistance of our admin team to check the status of your staff’s enrollment.

You can ask your close friend or relative to create a user account. Or approach our staff to create an account for you. You can then log in to pay online or use other payment methods (bank transfer, PayNow, pay over the counter, etc.). Once the payment is successful, a slot confirmation email and receipts will be sent to your registered email account.

Yes, you can enroll in the course on the day it starts. Please ensure that models are not required for this course to proceed. For clarification, kindly check with our admin team.

Course Cancellation

It depends on the course. If the withdrawal is requested before the blackout date (displayed in the system), it will be automatically approved, with or without a refund. If the request is made after the blackout date, it will be subject to review and approval based on the course policy. If your withdrawal request is approved, you will receive an email notification. Any refund will be processed separately by our Finance team.

We will refund you according to our policy. The refund amount will be displayed when you initiate the withdrawal request. Please review this amount before confirming your withdrawal.

Mode of Payment/Billing

The available modes of payment are listed on our website.

You may reach out to our admin team at [email protected] to receive one.

Rescheduling of Courses / Replacement of Participants

Yes, you can reschedule the staff to the next available batch (class) before the blackout date. After the blackout date, your request will be subject to approval. Please note that fee policy for rescheduling will apply. If you have a valid reason and wish to request for a fee waiver of the rescheduling fee, please send us an email or use the helpdesk to send in your request.

Course Attendance

In general most courses require participants to have a minimum course attendance of 75%.
If you do not meet the minimum attendance requirement, you will not be issued the SOA. Please note that if you have applied for SSG funding for this course, your funding will be void and you will have to top up the balance course fee.

Training Venues and Link for Virtual Live Class

The training venue is listed on the receipt.
You can also view it after you have login to your account. Our admin team will guide you if you need any assistance.

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