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Nico Tan

Learning & Development Mentor

As a visionary entrepreneur in the hair and beauty industry, I left Malaysia for Singapore at 15 to begin my entrepreneurial journey. Driven by a deep passion for hair styling and a strong work ethic, I honed my skills and spent the last ten years building a true beauty platform for beauty professionals.

My vision for Toni International College goes beyond the confines of a conventional educational institution. I envision it as a dynamic hub that fosters collaboration, networking, and continuous learning.

As I embark on this new chapter, my commitment to cultivating excellence in the next generation of beauty professionals remains unwavering. Together, we will redefine standards, break barriers, and set new benchmarks in the ever-evolving world of hair and beauty.

Beginning 2014


Here, I proudly present a remarkable compilation of my milestones and achievements since embarking on my entrepreneurial journey.


EX Style was established


We Seven:
Wholesale distributor of products and equipment


EX Beauty was established


EX Style became a retail chain


EX Style moved all outlets to malls


EX Style transcended into "EX Group", consisting of several brands


U Hair was established Group", consisting of several brands


Coulisse Heir was established


Acquired Toni International


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