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ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy And Physiology

This course includes
  • Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology gives students in-depth instruction in the human body's organization, structures, and functions. Students will learn the terminology, anatomy and physiology, and pathology of each body system and how they interrelate to maintain homeostasis

Course Fee:

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Last Updated: May 21, 2024

Course Content 
1. Functions and structure of the skeletal system  

  1. Types of bone and position of bone 
  2. Understand and explain different types of joints 
  3. Understand and explain the structure and function of the different types of muscle with examples 
  4. Understand and explain the structure and function of the various attachments of muscles 
  5. Understand and explain the functions 
  6. Understand and explain skin diseases and disorders and when they are contraindicated to treatment 
  7. Understand and explain (with the aid of a diagram) the structures of the cell and their function 
  8. Understand and explain the structure and function of the main types of tissue in the body 
  9. Understand and explain the position of the main arteries and veins of the body 
  10. Understand and explain the pulmonary circulation 
  11. Understand and explain the systemic circulation


Admission Requirement 
At least a Grade D or Grade 5 in GCE N Level English or Certificate in relevant discipline 


Course Intake 
Every 1st Monday of the month of January and June 


Training Hours 
100 hours 


Full Time: 0.5 month 


Mode of Study 
Full Time: Mon to Sat 10.30am – 5.30pm 


Mode of Delivery 
Face to face 


Average Teacher-Student Ratio 


Manner of Assessment 

ITEC Unit Number 

Mandatory Unit 

Proposed Assessment Method 



Anatomy and Physiology 

50 MCQ Paper or online 

Pass or refer 


Graduation Requirements 
Minimum 60% marks for all the Practical and Theory Examinations 
Must Obtain a Pass for all the Portfolio Assignment 


Once candidates have achieved the VTCT (ITEC) Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology, they may progress on to higher level of ITEC courses. This award qualifies graduate to operate their own freelance practice. Graduate can also gain employment in Massage industry. 


Course Fee / Payment of Fees / Fees Structure 


Full Course Fee 

Baseline SkillsFuture Funding 

Baseline SkillsFuture Funding 

Course Fee 




Total Fee 




*Self-sponsored individuals taking certifiable courses (National or industry-wide certification training programmes) approved by SSG must be >= 21 years old 

Baseline SkillsFuture Funding (A) 

Mid-Career Enhancement Subsidy (MCES) (B) 

Workfare Skills Support (WSS) Scheme 


Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETSS) 

1. For Singaporean/ Permanent Resident 

2. Aged 40 and below 


1. For Singaporean Citizen only 

2. Aged 40 years and above 


1. For Singaporean Citizen only 

2. Aged 35 years and above 

3. Average gross monthly income of not more than $2300 for the past 12month 


SMEs that meet all of the following eligibility criteria: 

1. Registered or incorporated in Singapore 

2. At least 30% local shareholding by Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents 

3. Employment size of not more than 200 (at group level) or with annual sales turnover (at group level) of not more than $100 million 

4. SME-sponsored Trainees: 

- Must be Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents. 

- Courses have to be fully paid for by the employer. 

- Trainee is not a full-time national serviceman. 





Miscellaneous Fees 

Purpose of Fees 

Amount (With GST, if any) 

Registration Fee 


Course Note 


Examination Fee 


Re-taking Examination 


Late Payment Fee 



Miscellaneous Fees refer to any non-compulsory fees which the students pay only when applicable. 

Such fees are normally collected by the PEI when the need arises. 


Payment of Fees 

All required payments of fees must be made according to the payment schedules as stipulated in the student contract. 

  1. All required payments of fees must be made according to the payment schedules as stipulated in the student contract. 
  2. The payment of Course Fees is to be made latest on the course commencement date.  
  3. Payments of fees can be made by Cash, Nets, Cheque, Paynow or Credit Card. 
  4. Payments made by Cash will be in Singapore Dollars. 
  5. Payments made via Paynow: UEN:201003725N 
  6. Company Name: Toni International College of Aesthetics & Physiology Pte Ltd 
  7. Transaction Remark: Input the student’s name, following the official NRIC name  
  8. Students are required to screenshot the transaction detail and send it via email [email protected] or WhatsApp (+65 82013853) to Toni International College’s administrative department. 
  9. All cheques should be crossed and made payable to ‘TONI INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF AESTHETICS & PHYSIOLOGY PTE LTD’. 
  10. All fees paid are not transferable. 
  11. All non-tuition fees paid are non-refundable. 
  12. An official receipt will be given on receipt of payment. 
  13. A late payment charge of S$12 per month will be charged for overdue payments of more than two weeks.  
  14.  The school reserves the right as its discretion to terminate the student from the course for overdue fees. 


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  • 0 Lessons
  • 0 Quizzes
  • 100h Duration

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